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The first gift guide! Outdoorsy women.

Here it is! The first gift guide. These are not comprehensive, but rather a guide to begin with so anyone can branch off from the items in it or, shop from it!

In honor of International Women's Day, I created a gift guide for women who are outdoorsy! This was fun to research items and create a guide because I am outdoorsy. I enjoy running, hiking, camping, backpacking, or just being outside! I based my own experience with items I needed or used and found helpful or useful, as well as, items that just generally are good for outdoorsy women. There are items I would suggest that will not be in the image itself but will discuss. In addition, there will be an Amazon wish list linked within this article for the items and links to the two experiences.

  1. Eddie Bauer hiking leggings- Edie Bauer is a trustworthy brand for the outdoorsy type. These leggings have two cargo pockets and a pocket on the waistband. The moisture-wicking helps keep the downstairs dry and they are high-rise which is great for comfort when hiking, scrambling, or running. Some women prefer leggings with outdoor activities over traditional hiking pants and these are a solid option. They also come in a variety of colors.

  2. Baleaf hiking pants- I am personally a fan of Baleaf's brand. I have a few items of theirs and their quality is solid. They are a solid option when the price is a concern. These hiking pants are lightweight, water resistant, and have cargo pockets. Their pockets zip which is a huge plus when hiking or being active in general. The bottom of the pants has a drawstring which is helpful too so you can pull the pants up higher or lower along with an elastic waistband. According to reviews, they run a little larger so that is worth considering.

  3. Radiate XL Outdoor Portable Campfire- Starting a campfire can be a chore and sometimes the wood and kindling around you is damp which makes the process that much more difficult. A portable campfire is a solid option. These are great for really any reason, the beach, tailgates, camping, picnics, hiking, etc. Plus it is safe to cook over! These last between 3 to 5 hours and it is made with eco-friendly ingredients.

  4. Outdoorsy- A really convenient one-stop shop for outdoor recreation adventures. You can rent RVs based on location and type of RV. They also offer luxury experiences that are curated for you which creates one-of-a-kind road trips. This is a wonderful way to vacation at campgrounds or state parks and have the comfort of a camping experience. Much like Airbnb or Vrbo the prices are listed with the pictures and descriptions of the RV. The search engine is also similar to any other booking website and pricing is similar to an Airbnb or Vrbo.

  5. Teton Day Pack- This particular day pack I picked because it has a hydration pack and comes with a 2-Liter water bladder. It is big enough to be a great day pack and you can carry what you need all day without being so big it may as well be your overnight bag. It weighs about 2lbs without a filled bladder. It has multiple compartments and hydration ports on both sides! That was a big selling point to me. The price point isn't bad either for what you get. It comes in multiple colors as well.

  6. Smartwool Women's Hiking Crew Socks Light Wool- Smartwool socks are a go-to for preventing cold feet and keeping your feet dry. They use Merino wool and have really changed the game when it comes to comfort while enjoying the outdoors. I have met trail runners while on the trail who swear by Smartwool. I am a huge fan personally of wool socks pretty much all year because they are breathable, comfortable, and keep my feet dry. These particular socks are solid choices for hiking and camping, but Smartwool also makes socks great for running as well.

  7. LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle with 2-stage integrated filter- LifeStraw has been around for a while and they are great for taking water from a stream or lake and making it drinkable. They filter out bacteria and parasites, as well as chemicals like chlorine, pesticides, and herbicides. They claim to filter out microplastics as well. With their 2-stage filtration process, the water is clean and safe to drink. This makes them a great choice for hiking and backpacking without needing to carry extra water that weighs you down. I actually had a friend utilize LifeStraw while in the PeaceCorps! So tested in real life. This particular water bottle is a great one to take hiking since it has a collapsable straw and a carabiner.

  8. BALEAF Women's Jacket Waterproof Windbreak- I actually have this jacket! Well, an earlier iteration of it. This jacket is my go-to rain jacket for when I am running or hiking. It is water-repellent and the seams are all sealed and it is lightweight and it has a self-contained bundle in the back pocket. They have a ventilation system in them too which makes them breathable. At first glance when you are holding it, it does not seem as if it could be, but it is! There are hand pockets, a back pocket, and two inner pockets that way your cell phone can stay dry as well. The hood has elastic in it as well so you can sinch it up to protect your face from the rain and wind. Women who have broader shoulders or fuller chests should purchase a larger size. This jacket does come in other colors. I have worn this jacket in heavy rain while running and stayed dry without the hood moving or falling down. I know I said it before with the hiking pants but BALEAF is underrated for sure.

  9. 57 Hours- They are on a mission to enable sustainable outdoor adventures around the world. They utilize guides who are a part of the community you are adventuring so local jobs and business are supported. Even better 1% of gross sales go to environmental non-profits, 1% of gross sales go towards guide education grants and half of those grants are allocated to female and BIPOC guides. So with all that being said, WHAT DO THEY DO MAR? So they offer webinars on a variety of topics related to the outdoors such as how to rock climb, women's topics on hiking, backpacking, etc., specific unique locations and more. They also offer curated trips that range from 1 day, 3 days (hence the 57 hours), and up to 15 days. The cost of each trip is listed with the trip itself. So they offer a pretty comprehensive service. Most of the prices seem very reasonable. They are global trips so it is not limited to the United States. I added this one because it is adventurous and is a curated vacation. Most of these are the cost of going to Disney if you include travel expenses.


Now we get to the OFF THE LIST GIFT IDEAS. These are items that I want to add that didn't make it to the list.

  1. Female urination device- Women want to be able to stand and pee too when out in the woods. There are disposable ones and silicone ones, either way, squatting to pee when in the woods is inconvenient and vulnerable! Outdoor stores like REI carry them or you can order off my Amazon wishlist.

  2. Fleece-lined flannel jacket- Honestly, I think this speaks for itself. It is a warm flannel jacket that is great for hiking and camping. You can probably thrift these if you look hard enough, but they are worth the money at the end of the day.

  3. Quilted or fleece vest- I LOVE my quilted (it is kind of puffy but also quilted?) During fall and winter when I am running. It is a lifesaver. They are great for the in-between weather days when outside running, camping, hiking etc., because you aren't too warm. This is also a good item to thrift.

  4. Touch-screen gloves- Pretty much speak for themselves. There are so many different brands to choose from. Cost efficient if you want or you can splurge, depending on what you are looking for. I put a cheaper brand but an Amazon choice on the list because they had three fingers that can be used which is mostly for ease of use.

As I mentioned at the start, this is not exhaustive! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the items I put on this gift guide list. If you are looking to shop for someone also, contact me! I am looking forward to offering personalized services. I really enjoyed putting this guide together. If you have any suggestions on gift guides you want to see completed just reach out!

Thank you! Happy gifting!


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