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Gift Guide for the Vehicle Enthusiast!

Cars! Some of us just get in and drive, it is a means to an end. We might not even know the basics outside of driving. Maybe can change a tire, fix a flat, or change the air filter and oil, and that could be generous. Then there are enthusiasts. They can name the car based on the engine sound or exhaust, or even name the car as it drives past. Let's not limit it to cars and say trucks as well! My boyfriend is a car guy, so I have had to navigate gift-giving related to this topic, but I know there are different types of vehicle enthusiasts. So if this guide is not as helpful to you, just reach out and I can certainly help with that!

Disclaimer: This gift guide will include an experience that can be a gift as well. It is important to keep this in mind when looking for gifts to understand what their interests are. Not everyone who enjoys cars and trucks enjoys Nascar Racing, F1 racing, or drifting, etc. Some people enjoy American Muscle versus Japanese turbocharged. There are people who enjoy trucks and Jeeps for outdoorsy stuff or are just diehards into the maker like Ford, Chevy, Jeep, Dodge, Porsche, etc. So when going through this gift guide understand that this is more of a general approach that vehicle enthusiasts may appreciate.

1. Car detail package: Paying for a car detail is pretty much a great gift for anyone who owns or leases a vehicle. They get into the places we don't cooutsidensider and do a great deep clean of a car on the outside and inside. If you cannot afford to get it done by a professional, getting the products and doing it for them is also an excellent gift. You can print out a ticket or coupon and say they can redeem it for when they want you to detail their car. Here is a link to products that you can use. I would suggest not buffing a car unless you know how to do that and there are plenty of YouTube videos with instructions on how to detail a vehicle. Professionals know how to buff without going through the clear coat and get rid of swirls in the paint correctly. Know your own skill level and whether or not you can do an actual detail to a vehicle or if you can wash, dry, and clean the inside of their car for them. That in itself is a great gift, takes a lot of work with cleaning their vehicle off their plate.

2. Garage Sign: Etsy has so many wonderful small businesses that make signs and there are a variety of different garage signs that can be customized for reasonable prices. Neon signs, metal signs, wood signs, etc. Etsy is the go-to place for customized products. If your vehicle enthusiast has a garage or shed where they keep their tools, getting a customized sign is a thoughtful gift that endures.

3. Seat cushion: Now I know, that sounds ridiculous but anyone who has spent any amount of time sitting knows how uncomfortable that can become. Another disclaimer, some cars come with adjustable lumbar support. My car does, it is wonderful, but I know not all cars do. In addition, you can't enjoy heated or vented seats as much with a cushion over them. However, the additional lumbar support and helps with the hip, tailbone, coccyx, and sciatica. So it reduces pain. Cushion Lab has an Amazon store with a lot of options for back and butt support while in the car. Typically lumbar support is the big thing missing while in a vehicle, they aren't as ergonomically made as they could be.

4. Dashboard camera: When it comes to technology, you really do get what you pay for. Nextbase 322GW is a user-friendly dashboard camera that has 1080p front and 720p rear cameras that will record simultaneously. It also has Bluetooth and quick-link wifi to send the recordings directly to your phone that way you don't forget to upload them. It is loop recording which means it will overwrite the SD card, in theory, it will never be full and since it sends directly to your phone through wifi quick-link, it is that much more seamless. The camera will recognize when you are parked so it records when your car is bumped too! Vehicle enthusiasts will thoroughly enjoy recording their hooning and appreciate having something always watching over their car.

5. Long-Range Laser/Radar Detector: For those who like to drive fast, a radar detector is a must-have. Disclaimer again: I am not encouraging reckless driving, or breaking the law, and these are illegal to have in some places. I suggest knowing your local laws. With that being said, Uniden has been in the business of making technology for a while so Uniden R3 Extreme Long-Range Laser/Radar Detector is a solid option. They have a built in GPS, voice alerts, red light and speed camera alerts.

6. OBDII Scan Tool: Any person who works on cars or is a vehicle enthusiast knows the importance of an OBD scanner. BlueDriver OBDII Scan Tool connects with your iPhone or Android phone and will diagnose that way. Anyone who uses and OBD scanner knows that you end up looking up the codes. With this everything is right there, so it is super handy. Having this tool also saves money overall by avoiding diagnostic check-ups and estimates by a mechanic.

7. Experience Driving a Supercar: The gift of an experience! So, Xtreme Xperience is all over the United States and they have experienced drivers who either take you along in a pacer car OR you can drive an exotic car on a race track, you can also just do a ride along. They offer cars like the Ferrari 488 GTB, Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4, Porsche 911 GTS RS, Audi R8 V10 Performance, GT-R, Corvette Stingray Z51, Dodge Challenger Hellcat Widebody, or Porsche 718 Cayman GT4. The starting price is along the lines of the previously mentioned gifts. It is an experience any car enthusiast who loves to drive fast can get along with.

These are some fantastic gift ideas that fit along with what most vehicle enthusiasts will enjoy. To go into the honorable mention of gift ideas that are also tried and true gifts!

  • Tools- just make sure you know what type of tools they need. There are tools specifically for working on cars that you have to get from an auto store.

  • Rolling stool

  • Crawler- make sure you get a low-profile crawler for those who love cars. They make some that are too high.

  • Car Ramps- Great for working on cars that are difficult to get under. If you have jack stands a ramp isn't always necessary.

  • Low profile car jack- another that is great for people who have lower cars and many don't realize if you have a lower car you need a low profile car jack!

  • Jack stand- Honestly, this could have been in the actual gift portion, but it is an honorable mention because a lot of people already have them. But they are still a solid gift and if they work on vehicles it is a must-have!

  • Clothing that represents what they love. For example, a "Hoonigan" shirt is a funny gift for those who love "playing" in their cars.

  • Car Model- find the model replica of the vehicle they love.

We made it to the second blog post! Let me know if you have any ideas that you would add to this list. Any feedback is welcome! In addition, any ideas for gift guides just reach out! This one took a little bit more research. I am trying to come out with a system still, but thoroughly enjoying it regardless. If you need a more personalized gift guide, reach out and we can discuss what that may look like further. Happy gifting!

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